Creating a Flow of Miracles for your business


Flow of Miracles for your business

A spiritual perspective on your business brings unique opportunities.
Rianne Collignon uses her gifts to look at the energy of the business giving a thorough business analysis and a clear future strategy. For Rianne every company is a living system with its own energy, specific bottlenecks and capabilities that she can attune to. She clarifies them for others and brings optimal solutions. Advice on specific issues such as market opportunities, investment opportunities, recruitment and staff development is also possible.

Pricing from €700 per month or €800 per issue

Flow of Miracles for your staff

An investment in your staff, is an investment in your company.
In a warm and understanding manner, Rianne Collignon trains staff to work efficiently and effectively, improve communication and maintain the work-life balance. She provides training for assertiveness, burnout prevention, conflict management and teamwork and offers opportunities to support the staff.

Pricing from €495 per training

About me

For many people there is a conflict between spirituality and the material world, but for me, one just strengthens the other. By making the right spiritual choices, we not only get an abundance of money but feel satisfied, supported and energetic.

I love helping companies invest in their staff, the right product or the right way, with unique insights thanks to my gifts.

Spirituality pays: it not only gives a warm feeling in our hearts but also great financial results.

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