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Create a Flow of Miracles for your business: the right people, the right opportunities and relaxed healthy growth.


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General Company Reports

An enlightening view of your company

Price: from €1350

Rianne Collignon uses her unique gifts to check the energy around the company for a thorough business analysis and gives a clear future strategy. For Rianne, a company is a living system with its own energy, bottlenecks and possibilities that she makes visible and for which she proposes solutions.

Solutionbased Company Reports

For each problem there is a matching solution

Price: €1350

Rianne Collignon looks at a specific issue that needs a solution. She provides advice on issues such as new opportunities, investment opportunities, recruitment & selection and personnel development.

Staff training

Invest in your most important resource

Price: from €750

In a warm and understanding manner, Rianne Collignon trains staff to work efficiently and effectively, improve communication and maintain work-life balance. She offers training for assertiveness, burnout prevention, conflict management and teamwork.

Coaching track

Rapidly getting staff back to a 100%

Price: variable

In cooperation with the ARBO and managers Rianne Collignon offers various personal coaching programs to support reintegration or mentoring for your staff.

Staff Parties

The reward for your staff

Price: variable

Reward your staff with massages, an interesting workshop, energy boosts or gift vouchers.


from clients

Rianne is a wonderful advisor, analysing issues and giving clear advice. It's easy to talk through business and personal issues with her. An absolute must.

René Aernoudts

Translated from Dutch

Rianne is a good investment in your company. She is driven, straightforward and level-headed. She isn't a New-Agey or hippy-dippy type at all and is very grounded in reality. Rianne has an enlightening view on both you as a person as well as your company which allows you to find a better work-life balance. An absolute must. She also provides insight into things that you secretly know about yourself, but that you often avoid or won't admit to. It is nice to have someone who will make you face the facts and motivates you to empower yourself. She literally gives you energy. In short, highly recommended for every individual and company!


Translated from Dutch

My body and mind were "depleted". After the first session I felt the energy flow through my body again. I felt more secure and grounded. I was hopeful, but there there was still a lot of work to do to relieve the pain and find my strength in life and especially in my work. I learnt to set clear boundaries, be more assertive and resistant to stress. We did a trajectory of 8 months. I have gained a lot of insight into myself and learnt to listen to my body, head, heart and soul. I have been given tips on how to balance myself and how to hold that balance secure. Healings, conversations and homework helped me towards more love, appreciation and respect for myself. I found my place.

I. Wieggers

Translated from Dutch

Rianne's style is clear and involved and she easily puts her finger on your issues. I appreciated being able to work on my potential and my blockages with Rianne helping me in a loving way and keeping a clear overview. I feel this allows you to transform resistance in a light-hearted way that is still quite fundamental and solid. For me that has had very positive results, which I am very happy about.


Translated from Dutch